Yew Tree Barn

Gwernesney, Usk

Usk Castle

Usk Castle is a romantic ruin overlooking the small town of Usk. Visitors love the large grassy inner bailey, meeting the sheep and hens, and exploring the towers and walkways. It is open during reasonable daylight hours almost every day, but check the events calendar on the website, as the castle is sometimes closed from noon for private events and weddings.

Enchanting, romantic ruins overlook the small town of Usk, and the wide river valley beyond. “It is like the secret castle that no one’s ever found” exclaimed a young boy, seeing the natural and peaceful setting, the ancient walls covered with creeper, and old stone towers inviting the visitor to explore. This is a medieval castle that fell into disuse 500 years ago, waiting to be discovered.

The castle is also fun for children of all ages to visit, have a picnic and do different activities. For the price of a small donation to the castle charity, hours of entertainment are at hand – no formal material is provided as each group will have their own topics and activities to explore, but there are a few suggestions below. Toilets are available for booked visits.

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Yew Tree Barn Gwernesney, Usk Monmouthshire

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